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Government & Consulting

Ensuring client satisfaction is paramount in today's competitive landscape of consulting firms. As the market expands with numerous options, the ability to provide effective and personalized customer experiences becomes crucial. Lucidya caters to both large and small consulting firms enabling them to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

Make your clients feel important

Monitor conversations across all channels

Empower your team members

Generate actionable, in-Depth reports

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Make your clients feel important

Your customers need to feel important to your brand. With Lucidya, you can gather valuable client insights to uncover what makes your clients feel appreciated. These insights can be shared across the entire organization to make your clients truly feel like VIPs, a major advantage in the consulting industry.

  • Uncover relevant conversations among clients to find out what matters to them when looking for consulting firms.

  • Publish content across all platforms and gather actionable insights to analyze the factors that influence your clients on social media.

  • Check on clients post-engagement to determine if they’re happy with your services. Gather feedback from rival firms and optimize your business operations with the insights gained.

Monitor conversations across all channels

With Lucidya, you can provide client support immediately on all platforms. Improve response times with instant notifications and resolve concerns before they end in contract cancellations and unhappy clients.

  • Create engaging messaging strategies to delight existing clients and source potential leads from social media.

  • Detect client sentiment and receive instant notifications whenever a trigger event is detected to improve your firm’s customer support performance.

  • Determine the effectiveness of social media campaigns not only for your brand, but also for client strategies through Lucidya’s advanced analytics features.

Empower your team members

Empower your team members with the tools they need to deliver optimal client performance. By gaining access to valuable data and never-before-seen insights, your team members can satisfy clients by delivering value beyond their expectations which benefits all parties involved.

  • Improve project deliveries by leveraging campaign data to optimize strategies or craft convincing pitches to clients.

  • Improve collaboration by sharing data easily across teams from various departments and work locations.

  • Integrate Lucidya’s insights with popular business tools to further streamline your team’s productivity and workflow.

Generate actionable, in-Depth reports

Measure important metrics for both your brand and your clients. By increasing visibility for vital campaign metrics, you can improve client retention while persuading them to pursue more creative, innovative strategies while minimizing risk.

  • Analyze your clients and their target audiences to uncover key metrics that contribute to the success of business strategies.

  • Generate beautiful in-depth reports with the click of a button to make reporting effortless.

  • Gain access to live dashboards so you can present data and optimize campaigns in real-time, giving you a huge advantage in the market.

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